Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Party

Remembering back to last summer and the special birthday party we hosted for my mom. Our house is on the market now and I find myself wistfully recalling so many sweet memories made here. It has been a wonderful home, for sure, but we move on as we feel God leads us and are excited for what lies ahead! It was a beautiful, fun day. My mom is so special :)

 She's surprised!
 We rented a cotton candy machine because my mom loves cotton candy. My kids loved their first taste! :)

 My sweet grandparents. Grandpa had never tasted cotton candy before.
 Mom & I. The only pic where we both had our eyes open and it's blurry ;) lol
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  1. omw, i think i know your mom and dad. does he work for Premier custom cabinets? You and your mom look so much alike and could easily pass for sisters.

  2. Yes Rosa!! He does!(Well now it's for the airplane restoration at the airport but yeah) Does Turbo work there?

  3. You are simply AMAZING at throwing parties! Not only are they beautiful but they look so personalized for each guest of honor! I am so inspired. And want to do a party tomorrow! :) The all-white party is beyond fabulous!! I just adore that! It looks so French and sophisticated, and yet so warm and welcoming!