Friday, September 2, 2011

Photo Blocks

These things are so cute and fairly easy, if not time consuming, to make :)
Simply purchase any size of unfinished wooden blocks, available at Michael's and collect an assortment of small photos, coordinating scrapbook papers, mod podge and craft glue. I chose to print some cutesy sayings onto some sheets of scrapbook paper. Trace block shape onto photos and papers and cut out. Glue onto the blocks. Sand around the edges and coat with mod podge. And there you have it! :)

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  1. So sweet and sentimental--- love these blocks- thanks for sharing with all of us :D

    Visiting from Tatertot and Jello tonight,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing. (Visiting from TT&J)

  3. These look great!

    My 3 year old son and I made similar blocks out of scrap 2x4 pieces for Father's Day for my dad (his Paw Paw). I used pictures of him holding the letters P-A-W out on the play structure my dad put together for him then he and I decorated the blocks together. My dad LOVES it and has them proudly stacked on his desk.

    Just another application for these simple blocks. Thanks for sharing yours!!

  4. LOVE these- I'm making a variation for all the women in my family for Christmas this year- spelling out their last name with pics of their families!