Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Living Room Decor

So after this season of "winter" in our lives, I really needed a change. Days of resting on the couch not feeling well left me ready for a lighter colored living room. I loved the deep, rich tones we had painted it when we moved in over three years ago but I also love change. Decorating is something that motivates and inspires me. I have been loving all the vintage shabby chic things lately and I always love the beach. And the Eiffel tower/Paris scene? Yes please! So our living room is now our little "getaway at home". All done on a budget of next to nothing when you factor in the selling of old pieces and turning what you had into what you want. I would have to say my INSPIRATION PIECE was the buffet. I've always wanted a piece of furniture that color and I LOVE IT!!!
Living Room Entry Before:
Living Room Entry After:

Living Room Sitting Area Before:

Living Room Sitting Area After:

Living Room TV Area Before:

Living Room TV Area After:

 Living Room Fireplace Before:

Living Room Fireplace After:

In Progress:



  1. I LOVE it Jo!!!! It is soooo light and refreshing. You did an amazing job!!!! :)

  2. I love the ribbon hanging picture frames. May I ask were you purchased them from? I would like to buy some for my new home.